Pip Blom tease forthcoming EP with new single “Pussycat”

Written by frtyfve Team

Pip Blom have teased their hotly anticipated EP ‘Paycheck’ with “Pussycat”.

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Amsterdam’s Pip Blom have picked up significant attention in the last year. 21-year-old Pip Blom started releasing her indie-pop tunes in 2016. Now a band of the same name, Pip Blom have picked up a real buzz in the last year after a string of successful single releases.

Pip Blom are featured on Nike’s Running Tempo Mix, amongst other influential playlists

Blom’s fierce vocals fuel the riotous chorus of the alt-rock track, offering a teaser of what is to come on a new 4-track EP, expected in August 2018.

With features on Nike’s Running Tempo Mix, Absolute Alternative and Independent Music Monday, Pip Blom have enjoyed a huge 315% increase in their total playlist following to over 635,000 in the past 7 days (Instrumental).

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