REMI and Sensible J are Australia's most exciting emerging hip-hop artists

Written by frtyfve Team

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Remi Kolawole and his musical collaborator Sensible J are two are the most exciting names in Australian hip-hop right now.

Having sold-out tours across Europe and Australia and shared the stage with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, De La Soul and Joey Bada$$, REMI have picked up a strong reputation with their danceable jams.

Back with a brand new single ‘My People’, the track has a warm energy, with Remi rapping over Sensible J’s infectious beats and Zimbabwean-born singer Thando's vocals adding a soulful layer.

Frontman Remi Kolawole said, “the most beautiful thing about this song, is that it was about family and I got to create it with family. Sensible J, as always, blessed the production. It’s forever inspiring when those closest to you just get better and better. Then J and I got to link with Thando on the vocals. She is so dope, her skill, energy and mind are on another level. So lucky to have worked together. And finally my brothers Yusuf Harare and Hussein did some sneaky harmonies, adlibs and the intro for the joint. So now when I hear the track all I can hear is fam.”

With features on 17 influential playlists including ‘Indie Mixtape’ and ‘Triple J Hitlist’, REMI have picked up over 1 million new playlist followers over the past seven days, giving them a total of 1,548, 692 (Instrumental). They are certainly ones to catch at festivals this summer. 

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