Ren returns with a fresh lease of life on debut single “Blind Eyed”

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Ren returns from long-term illness in collaboration with Sam Tompkins

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Ren’s early beginnings in the music industry came when he was discovered performing on the streets of Bath, as part of indie-pop band Trick the Fox. Despite having built a loyal fan base, due to health issues, Ren was forced to halt his music endeavours and move home to Brighton. During what he describes as ‘a time of isolation’, Ren was bed bound for years having been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After channelling his frustration into songwriting and producing from his bedroom, Ren has now recovered and is ready to share his art with the world.

Ren has picked up over 350,000 playlist followers in the past week

Collaborating with singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins, who made his start busking on the streets of Brighton, Ren fuses melancholy R&B vocals with electro-pop production. Picking up features on ‘All New, All Now’, among four other influential playlists, Ren has enjoyed a 491.75% increase in his Spotify playlist following this week, taking his total to over 420,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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