Sea Girls unleash summer banger, ‘Too Much Fun’

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Leicester’s Sea Girls have unveiled a brand new summer anthem.

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Leicester’s indie rockers Sea Girls have already picked up a loyal fan base who have been turning up in force to every single one their shows.

In March, the band unleashed the power of their live shows into their ‘Eat Me Whole’ single. Written by frontman Henry Camamile and recorded on the same day, the track is a festival-ready indie-anthem with a corker of a chorus.

Sea Girls are set to release their new EP ‘Adored’

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. On ‘Too Much Fun’, Sea Girls return with a summer-tinged indie rock anthem, packed with huge pop hooks and stomping baselines.  The track features on their new EP ‘Adored’, which is out on June 5th and is set to be a real milestone in their growth, which at this stage has no limits.

With features on Most Blogged Artists and Feel Good Indie Spotify playlists, the band currently have over 200,000 playlist followers (Instrumental). Their previous single picked up over 250,000 streams, so with a strong first week in the bag, it is likely that 'Too Much Fun' will be heading in that direction. 

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