South Coast songwriter Nakala drops Ne-Yo influenced project "GIRL"

Written by frtyfve Team

With tight melodies and honest lyrics, Nakala's new offering is effortlessly cool

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Hailing from the South Coast, Nakala brings tight melodies and honest lyrics to her recently released album “GIRL”. Nakala draws influence from Ne-Yo and Usher, whilst long-time production collaborator Brad Baker cites Frank Ocean and Bryson Tiller as sonic muses.

Tinged with 90s R&B notes, the resulting sound is effortless and cool, illustrating exactly why she has been featured as BBC 1Xtra’s Artist of the Week.

Nakala has gained 200,000 playlist followers this week

Having garnered support from both Majestic Casual and Spotify consistently with her releases, Nakala currently has 722,207 playlist followers (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform). This figure has been boosted by successful collaborations with contemporaries Ayelle and Laxcity.

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