Track of the Day: Starcrawler release electric new single “Hollywood Ending”

Written by Charlotte Marston

Glam-rock four-piece Starcrawler bring 1970s sensuality to the modern day

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Having recently supported Foo Fighters in London and Morrissey on their home-turf in California, LA based quarter Starcrawler combine dynamic, skittery guitar rhythms and glam-punk imagery, producing a sound straight out of the 1970s. Arrow de Wilde, the band’s vocalist— as much visual artist as she is performer— met Henri Cash (guitar), Tim Franco (bass) and Austin Smith (drums) during high school and the band formed as result of multiple chance encounters; a sense of youth, spontaneity, rebellion and risk-taking therefore is at the centre of their music. Starcrawler’s short tracks—rarely exceeding three minutes each— exude electricity and echo how the glam-punk aesthetic they pursue comes naturally to their sound.

Los Angeles based Starcrawler combine the darkness and glamour of their hometown in single “Hollywood Ending”

Both the band’s self-titled debut album released at the beginning of this year— featuring tracks such as “I Love LA” and “Train”— and standalone single “Hollywood Ending” pay homage to the band’s roots and base in Los Angeles. The track combines noisy, muffled guitar riffs with de Wilde’s performative vocals as Starcrawler use the city’s hedonistic, glamourous connotations and its darker side as a lens through which to discuss love and loss.

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