Tamino unveils breathtaking debut EP

Written by frtyfve Team

Tamino's debut EP 'Habibi' is an introspective but electrifying effort.

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Tamino is a half-Egyptian, half-Belgian artist who lives in Antwerp and Amsterdam. The 21-year-old’s debut is a breathtaking release, illustrating an incredible vocal range and wonderful; ability to weave in and out of moods. With delicate piano and traditional guitar parts and huge soundscapes, the release is an introspective but electrifying effort.

Tamino has grown by 885% this week

With features on 6 influential playlists including multiple New Music Friday’s and Travailler en musique, Tamino’s enjoyed an 885% increase in his playlist following, taking his total to just shy of 1 million (Instrumental).

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