Track of the Day: Bad Blood by Sophie Faith

Written by frtyfve Team

Sophie Faith shares jazzy R&B escape “Bad Blood”, the follow up to her well-received debut single.

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Taking her unconventional journey full circle, Sophie shares the hard-hitting story of her mother’s alcoholism which made her homeless at 14. Having been writing since she was a child, what was once a therapeutic measure is now an expression of rejection and harboured resentment. While relationships are now on the mend, “Bad Blood” is a soulful capsule into a troublesome time, which was overcome by her focus on music.

After moving into a house full of musicians in Brighton, Sophie bonded with talented producer and songwriter Aston Rudi (Ray BLK, Elli Ingram, Jaz Karis), who helped her build more structure and meaning into her tracks. With such trust between the duo, Aston has continued on production duties, harnessing the honesty and authenticity in Sophie’s songwriting.

Effortlessly combining her eclectic influences, “Bad Blood” is a Jazzy R&B escape, with a dreamlike energy. However, it is the sincerity in her smooth soulful vocal delivery which makes “Bad Blood” so special. The first single from her forthcoming debut EP, Sophie will be following up this release with two new singles before the end of the year.

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