Track of the Day: Bare by Rosie Carney

Written by frtyfve Team

Rosie Carney channels solitude and isolation on her melancholy exploration of a particularly difficult time.

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21-year-old Donegal based singer-songwriter Rosie Carney moved to Ireland at the age of 10. Inspired by the landscape of her hometown, she started writing music. At the age of 16, she signed a major recording deal with Polydor, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she was later released from her contract. She has since opened up about her daily mental health battle and is passionate about speaking out about the impact of the industry on people’s mental wellbeing.

The song stems from the feelings of solitude and isolation you experience after going through something negatively impacting. I tried to write the song in stages of that experience, the first verse being the most raw and vulnerable, and the last, letting go. I don’t necessarily think solitude is a negative thing, but actually very positive. It allows us to get to know ourselves better within each situation. I tried to capture that strength in this song.”

"Bare" is like a peep into Carney's journal

Lyrically and sonically, "Bare" is delicate but sincere, like a peep into her journal. Whilst the emotion is present throughout, it is channeled into a story of isolation and solitude. Her ability to use minimal layers, but create such a magical atmosphere is unparalleled to so many singer-songwriters. Do not let the apt title trick you, “Bare” is a force.

Having only been out for a week, the track has driven an increase in Carney’s playlist following, which now stands at over 13 million. With features on 31 influential playlists, she has enjoyed growing engagement on her Spotify profile, which currently has over 6,800 followers (Instrumental).

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