Track of the Day: Better With You by Michl

Written by frtyfve Team

Michl is one of the most exciting names in electronic music right now. 

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer, Michl, has just dropped his latest single ‘Better With You’. Packed with bassy wobbles, pop hooks and delicate guitar and piano parts, the track was produced alongside Mura Masa. His production partner released his self-titled debut last year and such a partnership illustrates that Michl is crafting a sturdy route skywards.

'Better With You' currently appears on 33 influential playlists, giving him a total track following of over 7.4 million (TalentAI). ‘Better With You’ has also picked up just under 500,000 streams since its release on 28th March. With a three-part art film, a debut album and a headline tour following the current tour he is on with electronic duo Marian Hill, Michl has a very important year ahead.

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