Track of the Day: Busy Tone by Mae Muller

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Mae Muller drops reggae-infused banger “Busy Tone”

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Mae Muller’s latest reggae-infused pop crooner is a step by step guide to keeping those unwanted and persistent guys and girls at bay. Taken from her ‘Frankly E.P’, the honest and infectious single is another dose of Muller sharing exactly what is on her mind. “Everyone has known that one persistent person that just won’t leave you alone, after EVERY hint,” she explained.

Mae Muller has over 3.75 million playlist followers this week

With features on 25 influential playlists including Bedroom Jams & The Pop List, Mae Muller has picked up over 115,000 new playlist followers this week, taking her total to 3,766,945. Converting first-time listeners into fans, Mae Muller has also enjoyed a 9.26% increase in her artist following this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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