Track of the Day: Could’ve Been by RYD

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RYD has released a new track exploring the dangerous obsession of living life through social media lenses.

The 21-year-old North London producer has released ‘Could’ve Been’, which on a first listen seems to be one of his most upbeat tracks to date. However, the roots of the track instil the usual thought-provoking takeaway from his music.

Talking about the track, RYD said:

It's mainly about how social medias are now a representation of a person and used as a tool to compare each others lives”.

"I've known people to spend hours going through others photos and ultimately judging themselves because they're not experiencing the same level of 'happiness' displayed in the still image."

The song also deals with RYD's own battles with the online world, in trying to learn who he was whilst being constantly force-fed “perfect lives” through social media.

The song also talks of my personal struggle with discovering my own identity growing-up in the boom of the internet and socials and having everybody's lives constantly thrust in your face questioning whether you’re ever living life ‘correctly’. The lyrics “Could’ve Been” came to be from wondering if somebody could be really special if they were not so clouded by the need for approval.”

Since its release last month, 'Could've Been' has gained over 435,000 playlist followers. 391,000 of those followers have come in the past seven days after features on two influential playlists, Indie Stage and Low-Key Weekend (TalentAI).

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