Track of the Day: Count on You by Paperwhite

Written by James Roriston

Classy and vibrant, “Count on You” is the sort of transcendent pop that should widely appeal.

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Brother and sister Ben and Katie Marshall have launched their music careers as a joint venture. Living in Brooklyn, New York where they were born, this US duo have already secured a dedicated following from fans and early 2019 promises to be strong, with gigs in their hometown already announced.

Paperwhite have picked up over 120,000 playlist followers this week

It’s easy to like “Count on You” with a four chord layer of warm, inviting harmonies. Katie Marshall has a beautiful, unobtrusive voice that is breathy in verses, whilst pronounced but fulsome in the chorus. Ben Marshall as producer has attentively created a stunningly fulfilling texture throughout. Not overproduced, there’s a warmth here too that appeals and the bass samples are ace. There’s a nice hook in the chorus that will linger long after you’ve listened and in a way, that’s the biggest takeaway success of the track. With features on 5 influential playlists, Paperwhite have picked up 120,000 playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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