Track of the Day: Dandelion by Jesse Jo Stark

Written by frtyfve Team

Jesse Jo Stark breathes fire into classic rock on her new EP, ‘Dandelion’

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Jesse Jo Stark is en route to becoming a modern classic rock icon. Appearing alongside Bella Hadid on a Teen Vogue cover and then opening for Guns N’ Roses, she’s making serious waves. On her new EP, the music does the talking as she breathes fire into her classic rock ‘n roll sound. Aiming to revitalise a sound forgotten by her generation, she has shared her new EP ‘Dandelion’.

“When I get into an Uber, the driver is typically shocked by my playlist,” says Jesse Jo. “They’re always a little shocked by the tunes I choose, like country and dreamy road trip tunes by Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Sinead O’Connor, Beach House, Kevin Morby, The Cramps, Van Morrison, and John Prine to name a few. They always say to me not many young people they drive play songs like that. I can only hope I’m one of many from this generation who appreciates those classic songs that last a lifetime.”

With features on 6 influential Spotify playlists including Electric Grit, Fierce Femmes and LA Pops, Jesse has picked up over 16,000 new playlist followers in the past week, taking her total to over 249,000. With an increase in her artist following of over 5.28% in the past 7 days, her total has grown to 3,866, illustrating significant engagement with her music (Instrumental A&R scouting platform).

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