Track of the Day: Early in the Morning by ELEL

Written by frtyfve Team

Back in 2017, ELEL frontman Ben Elkins went through a divorce with the band’s namesake, also losing half of the members of the group and record label backing. Claiming that the new music he worked on during this period became ‘survival songs’, Ben has released a new string of tracks with two founding members Tim Cook and Zach Tichenor.

Their second release of 2018 and our ‘Track of the Day’, ‘Early in the Morning’ is an electro-pop hit with an infectious energy. Discussing  the track, Elkins said:

When everything falls apart, you stop being careful with your art. You get messy and go out of bounds. I wanted to see what we could make if we took away the rules. It became really exciting, I had to keep going.”

Following its release on 23rd March, ‘Early in the Morning’ has been added to four influential playlists including New Music Friday, Indie Pop and Latest, giving the track a total following of 3.3 million (TalentAI). This would suggest that the revival of ELEL could be a successful one.

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