Track of the Day: Enough For You by Saint Claire

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Seattle’s Saint Claire returns with "Enough For You"

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Seattle based singer-songwriter and producer Saint Claire has returned with soulful single “Enough For You”. Having collaborated with Macklemore on his 2017 record ‘Gemini’ and recently enjoying support on multiple single releases this year, Saint Claire is one of the most exciting upcoming artists in the Seattle area. “Enough For You” is an effortless and emotion-charged single, driven by soft piano backing and layered vocals.

Talking about the track, he said: “I wrote this when I was in a lower place in my head and in my heart. I realized that a lot of the things we want, we don’t need; and a lot of the things we need, we push away. Life cannot be about the big moments because there simply aren’t enough of them. It has to be about the very, very small moments you can share closely with those around you.”

Saint Claire has grown by over 3.8 million playlist followers this week

With features on 9 influential playlists, including Soft Pop Hits and New Music Friday UK, Saint Claire has enjoyed a rapid 2,469% increase in playlist followers this week, taking his total to over 4 million (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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