Track of the Day: Erase by Omar Apollo

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Indiana-based bedroom pop starlet Omar Apollo has shared his debut EP ‘Stereo’

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At the age of 20, Indiana-based bedroom pop fast-riser Omar Apollo has mastered the art of sharing tales of heartbreak. “I can’t erase your picture from my head,” he croons on “Erase”, a standout track on his debut EP ‘Stereo’.

Singing in both English and Spanish across the EP, Omar’s sweet vocal glides over a slick, yet simple beat. His vocal performance makes his debut EP an excellent statement of intent.

Omar Apollo has picked up over 2.8 million total playlist followers since the release of "Erase"

“Erase” was released on 11th May and has picked up over 2.8 million total playlist followers to date. He has also enjoyed an 8.2% increase in artist followers this week, to over 11,500 (Instrumental).

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