Track of the Day: Family Tree by EZI

Written by Emily Fortune

EZI evolves her sound on latest single, ‘Family Tree’.

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Raised in the multi-faceted city of New York, EZI, aka Esther Zynn is showing her eclectic production and intriguingly poetic lyrics on her new single, "Family Tree". Having been scouted by fashion designer, Steve Madden and signed to his label 5Towns Records, the now LA-based artist naturally fell into songwriting whilst creating her first EP, ‘Afraid of the Dark’, last year.

On her latest single released back in December, EZI’s sound verges on a far more experimental style and could potentially open her up to a much wider audience. The trippy production which experiments with chopped up vocals, over a simplistic beat allows her vocal and writing ability to shine through. Although this single still holds remnants of her previous style, it is definitely a step in a more interesting direction, elevating her sound to a much more unique taste. If anything, this release displays her ability to create within different genres.

So far, the single has gained 47,236 plays on Spotify.

After being featured on Spotify's 'Bass Arcade' playlist among 8 influential playlists, she has amassed a total of 663,793 playlist followers. With a continuing adaptation to her sound, EZI is set for big things in 2019 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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