Track of the Day: Fresh Faced by Babeheaven

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Babeheaven fuse shimmering indie-pop with trip-hop beats on new single “Fresh Faced”

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Babeheaven have returned with a new single from their forthcoming EP. Also announcing a headline UK tour for early 2019, the West London band share “Fresh Faced”, a milestone release which follows an intense period of writing, recording and growth.

Cutting into an atmospheric trip-hop intro, Nancy Anderson’s remarkably emotive vocals glide alongside shimmering guitar parts. A beautifully intimate return, "Fresh Faced", says Babeheaven's front-woman Nancy, is "my take on a relationship, be it with a family member or a partner. There are moments when you have clarity and perspective on a relationship, but there are also times when you become weighed down and confused. Being with someone and carrying their emotions can be exhausting. There is also relief in offloading onto someone but possibly doing the same thing to them."

Babeheaven have picked up significant playlist support with “Fresh Faced”

“Fresh Faced” has encouraged a surge in Babeheaven’s playlist following, with features on 4 influential Spotify playlists. Spots on The Wind Down and This is Chill have pushed their following by 237% to over 218,000. Their direct artist following also continues to grow consistently, up 0.86% this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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