Track of the Day: ‘Get Together’ by KALLITECHNIS

Written by frtyfve Team

KALLITECHNIS' new track "Get Together" is a complete vibe

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KALLITECHNIS is the kind of cool that you simply cannot coach: jazz piano, vibey RnB beats and sailing vocal lines bring her latest single to life. Drawing from influences such as Anderson Paak and Sadé, "Get Together" blends bluesy soundscapes and her breezing falsetto.

"Get Together" comes in the lead up to KALLITECHNIS’ highly-anticipated 7 track EP ‘Chromatic’, which follows a busy year of single releases and features.

KALLITECHNIS' artist following on the rise leading up to EP release

Over the past week, KALLITECHNIS has seen her artist following grow significantly, sparked in part by features on influential playlists including, Sweet Soul Sunday and R&B Right Now (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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