Track of the Day: Go Rilla by FIL BO RIVA

Written by Charlotte Marston

FIL BO RIVA’s latest single “Go Rilla" is an experiment in escapism

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Having honed his singer-songwriter skills while busking growing up, Italian-born Filippo Bonamici joined forces with friend and guitarist Felix A. Remm to form FIL BO RIVA, an entity described both as a band and a solo project. Combining husky vocals with his heart-on-sleeve lyricism and instrumental experimentation, FIL BO RIVA’s genre is difficult to pigeon-hole—a floating mixture of folk, soul and conventional indie-rock.

FIL BO RIVA foreshadows upcoming debut album with new single “Go Rilla"

Inspired by Manchester venue Gorilla where FIL BO RIVA played in 2016, latest single “Go Rilla"—accompanied by earlier releases such as “Head Sonata (Love Control)” and “Time is Your Gun”— gives us a taste of what to expect from his debut album “beautiful sadness”, expected early next year. The track embodies escapism and passion in its combination of exalting guitar rhythms, cut-back vocals and soft percussion, in questioning through its lyricism ‘is this a dream or something real?’ FIL BO RIVA refreshingly provides escapism, both from musical genre and from the real world.

With features on 20 influential playlists including various New Music Friday's and Feelgood Indie, FIL BO RIVA has picked up over 1.5 million playlist follower this week. Such playlist support is also driving genuine engagement with his music, with 400 new direct followers added to a total of 45,000 followers in the past 7 days (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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