Track of the Day: Honeywheat by VanJess

Written by frtyfve Team

Soulful sisters VanJess set a serious mood on “Honeywheat”

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After over three years of releasing singles, R&B duo VanJess have released their debut full-length LP. Formed by Nigerian-American sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, the pair have been taking the world of soul and R&B by storm, releasing impressive solo tracks like “Honeywheat” while netting collaborations with Goldlink, Masego, Leikeli47, and more.

VanJess have nearly 12.8 million playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform)

Opening with smooth keys and sultry vocals, “Honeywheat” showcases the sisters’ ability to play off one another, harmonizing at some points and taking a backseat at others. With a slow tempo and textured production, this track is a prime example of contemporary R&B. Working their way up to 9,000 artist followers and currently gaining exposure from 27 influential playlists, VanJess are an act to keep an eye on for the near future (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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