Track of the Day: I Was Biting by Thyla

Written by frtyfve Team

Thyla's fiery new single 'I Was Biting' is our Track of the Day. 

Brighton band Thyla have been bubbling under the indie surface since they released three huge singles in 2017.

Lead by frontwoman Millie Duthie, the tracks are carried by her soaring vocal, massive choruses and post-punk guitars. The band formed after Mille swapped her politics degree for a music course, where she met her bandmates.

Their new single ‘I Was Biting’ is no exception to their fiery back catalogue. Duthie’s voice remains the constant, gliding over explosive melodic basslines and drum parts in an angsty anti-capitalist rampage.

Sitting on over 14,500 track followers, growing from 700 since last week, ‘I Was Biting’ features on the influential playlist 'Most Blogged Artists' - that title says enough (TalentAI). Thyla are ones to watch!

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