Track of the Day: Lawrence of Arcadia by David Keenan

Written by frtyfve Team

Over the past few years, David Keenan has become one of Ireland’s most exciting young musicians. He’s an artist, not just a songwriter.

Keenan cites the writings of Behan, Yeats and Wilde, with the soundtracks of Dylan, Buckley and The Dubliners as his early forms of inspiration. Falling in love with words and melody, he began writing at a young age.

Lyrically, his new  EP, ‘Strip Me Bare’ is a masterpiece. His passion and storytelling prowess tangle effortlessly, with each track offering a unique tale and emotive take-home. The gentle acoustics are a guiding light to his perfectly Irish soaring vocals, spoken word parts and soft croons. It is insanely difficult not to get lost in each track.

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