Track of the Day: Lay Down by Alice Gray

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Standout pop-newcomer Alice Gray shares must-hear single "Lay Down"

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Los Angeles singer-songwriter Alice Gray has released her third single, “Lay Down”, another example of her glistening potential.

Whilst Alice studied Fine Arts at college, music was always her core passion, but one she always felt too introverted to pursue. In her final year of college, with the real world approaching, she decided to actively explore her musical interests and began releasing her own music.

Alice Gray has picked up over 3 million playlist followers this week

With her melancholic and uplifting sad-pop style, Alice Gray flaunts her floating vocal over synthy beats. With “Lay Down” featured on various New Music Friday playlists this week, Alice Gray has picked up over 3 million playlist followers. She has also enjoyed significant engagement with her Spotify profile, with a 12.26% increase in her artist following in the past 7 days (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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