Track of the Day: Left and Right by Jerry Williams

Written by frtyfve Team

Jerry Williams returns with foot-stomping earworm, “Left and Right”

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If you’re a fan of earworms, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Jerry Williams, is one to watch. Returning with “Left and Right”, she unleashes digs at a former lover, in an unforgivingly catchy way.

Jerry Williams has seen a 40% increase in her total playlist followers this week

Opening with an upbeat guitar strum, and siren soundscapes, “Left and Right” demands attention from the start. A foot stomping earworm, with an Americana edge, the track follows a different direction to her previous indie-pop releases. Following her success with buoyant single “Grab Life”, “Left and Right” also showcases her sassier side: “I like your shoes, they’re just my size, I think I like them more than you, I’m very sorry but it’s true,” she jibes.

Following support from influential playlists including “A Perfect Day” and “Mellow Pop”, Williams has seen a 40% increase in total playlist followers this past week, pushing her total playlist following to over 800,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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