Track of the Day: Offshoot by Spendtime Palace

Written by James Roriston

Spendtime Palace avoid cliché licks and riffs on compelling track "Offshoot"

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With an online profile that speaks of nostalgia and rebellion, Californian outfit Spendtime Palace have spent the last few years pushing the boundaries of the Southern California music scene.

From Costa Mesa, this five-piece band lead by Sean Flores, first met at high school, before taking their music to the stage. Pushing up the streaming charts, the band have a load of forthcoming tour dates, which will no doubt make them a firm favourite amongst US fans and further afield.

With a catchy bass lick and abstract lyrics, this isn’t your straight forward, four to the floor soundworld, but then nor should it be. There’s a definitive nostalgia to the track, with some classic guitar sounds and classic patterns. With features on 4 influential playlists, Spendtime Palace have picked up over 149,213 playlist followers this week. Their artist following is also growing consistently, currently at 19,778 after a week's growth at 1.18% (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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