Track of the Day: Outta My Mind by Gunnar Gehl

Written by James Roriston

Gunnar Gehl drops flirty pop ballad Outta My Mind

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Barely out of high school, Gunnar Gelh, at a mere seventeen years of age, has created pop music that is winning the hearts of many. Recently completing a lengthy US tour with PRETTYMUCH, he has picked up a huge new audience both online and at live shows. With boy-band looks and flirty pop lyrics focussed on young love, his two releases are no re-hashing of a previously tried and tested formula.

Gunnar Gelh has picked up over 1.3 million playlist followers this week

Even with just two releases, it is obvious that catchy guitar riffs are central Gunnar’s output. There’s an attractiveness to the way Gunnar has shaped his melodic material, combining euphoric riffs with carefully placed synths. Picking up features on 19 influential playlists, Gehl has picked up over 1.3 million playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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