Track of the Day: Rose by Amy Ayanda

Written by James Roriston

South African multi-media artist Amy Ayanda drops new single "Rose"

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Hailing from the warm climbs of the Cape area of South Africa, Amy Ayanda has delivered "Rose". Mixing electronics, acoustic layers and smooth vocals, "Rose" is her first release since her debut EP 'Ab Ovo'.

A performing arts graduate from Michaelis School of Fine Art, Amy Ayanda's focus is now firmly set on her music career. Combining her love of electronic sounds with smart lyrical play, haunting melodies are exposed by the airiness of the track and light guitar licks in the opening bars. Amy's clean and gentle vocal tone suit beautiful pitch bends in the verses and a stunning ethereality is sustained throughout.

Amy Ayanda has picked up 36,000 new Spotify followers in 7 days

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