Track of the Day: Same Old by Felivand

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Felivand share dreamy hit "Same Old"

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Felivand’s latest single "Same Old" is a dreamy blend of soul and pop, sure to slow your heart rate right down until it’s beating in time with its downtempo groove. Her rich but youthful vocals and thoughtful lyrics create a unique sound difficult to let go of.

Relatively new on the scene, the Brisbane native has released two tracks previously, with a similar neo-soul vibe and enchanting vocals, and is now gearing up for the release of her EP later this year.

Felivand’s playlist following has almost doubled in the last week.

With the release of ‘Same Old’ and features on influential Spotify playlists such as Just Chill and Low-Key Weekend, Felivand has seen her playlist following increase by almost 100% this week, gifting her 571,000 new playlist followers (Instrumental Scouting Platform).

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