Track of the Day: She Makes Me Feel by MOOON

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Dutch band MOOON share nostalgic 60s inspired single “She Makes Me Feel”

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MOOON began developing their sound from a backyard barn in Aarle-Rixtel, a small village in Holland. A family band, brothers Tom and Gijs de Jogn are joined by their cousin Timo van Lierop. The trio perfected their groovy style with the release of their debut album ‘MOOON’s Brew’, featuring their most popular single “Mary You Wanna”, which has been streamed over 122,000 times. Inspired by greats such as Bob Dylan, Deep Purple and The Beatles, the trio have crafted their own sound, a laid-back bluesy, surf-rock fusion. On “She Makes Me Feel”, Timo van Lierop’s distinct vocals command the track in the direction of a classic.

MOOON gain 188,000 playlist followers in 7 days

Following the release of their most recent single, “She Makes Me Feel”, the band have enjoyed a sharp rise in streams. With features on New Music Friday and New Alternative, the band currently have over 202,000 playlist followers (Instrumental A&R Scouting Platform).

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