Track of the Day: Shift by Henry Green

Written by frtyfve Team

Bristol-based electronic fast-riser Henry Green has returned with another taste of what is to come from his hotly anticipated debut album. Releasing two new singles, ‘Shift’ and ‘Without You’, it is hardly surprising that Green has picked up so much attention from the electronic music world.

With his beautifully soft vocal, floating strings and free-roaming soundscapes, Green has formed the atmosphere he set out to create.

[Shift] It's all about movement. The whole album is based around this theme, but none more so than this track. It felt like a very natural theme to explore and one that I constantly gravitated towards when writing lyrics or describing the evolution of a track. Lyrically, ’Shift’ refers to the sensation of falling, unaware of when you’ll reach an end but enjoying the loss of control and feeling of weightlessness."

Shift has already picked up over 130,000 streams and after features on New Indie Mix and Chill Vibes playlists, the track has 1,613,573 followers (TalentAI).

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