Track of the Day: Silver Lining by Mt. Joy

Written by frtyfve Team

Indie-folk outfit Mt. Joy have dropped their debut full-length album. Their self-titled release follows a string of successful single releases, including  ‘Sheep’ and ‘Astrovan’, which both feature on the record.

Vocalist Matt Quinn and guitarist Sam Cooper set the foundations for the band, meeting at high school and performing as a duo in 2005. After going to college and setting out on different career paths, they reformed in 2016 to write music in their spare time and named the project “Mt. Joy”, as an ode to a mountain in Valley Forge National Park.

Despite continuing to pursue non-music careers alongside Mt. Joy, their early releases gained significant traction online, encouraging them to make it their full time focus and welcome Michael Byrnes (bass), Sotiris Eliopoulos (drums), and Jackie Miclau (keys) to the band.

Their debut record has been extremely well received, generating a 40% increase in total playlist followers over the past 7 days to 14,032,201. They have also gained over 1,250 new direct followers, giving them a total of over 16,000 (TalentAI).

One of the single releases from the record, 'Silver Lining', is a particularly poignant release. The folk-rock track is Quinn’s attempt to find some solace in the loss of young people to drugs. Having lost friends to drugs and being taken aback by the devastation, he decided to write the track as an expression of his feelings. 

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