Track of the Day: Sky So Blue by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Written by Dylan Hallihan

Hot Flash Heat Wave explode into 2019 in impressive fashion with expansive new single “Sky So Blue”.

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In what has become a criminally overlooked craft, Hot Flash Heat Wave’s latest offering expertly manages to create a sound that sonically mirrors the imagery conjured up in the song title itself. Titled “Sky So Blue”, the single catapults us into the optimism of a bright summer’s day from the offset. The dream-pop sound they explored on previous album “Soaked” is expanded on through the song’s polished production which is rife with light riffs, relaxed drums, and captivating synths. Add to this the colourful lyrics (“with the grass so green, sun cuddling everything”), carefree melodies showcased throughout and you are presented with a brilliantly catchy record.

Based in the (shock!) sunny climes of San Francisco, HFHW are a four-piece who have shunned the traditional front-manned format of bands past and present, instead happy to share the lead and contribute songs equally. It is this pioneering approach that undoubtedly allows the band to meander between sounds, from their garage-rock origins to their psychedelia-tinged, alternative dream-pop offerings of late. It is an approach that also seemingly breeds confidence, as “Sky So Blue” so brilliantly demonstrates. The song oozes assurance throughout, intertwined within the imaginative layers that build and fade in perfect harmony.

Although the song clocks in at well over five minutes, traditionally long for a single release, in no way does the record overstay its welcome or become tedious, instead managing the daunting feat of remaining refreshing throughout, a habit that is sure to see Hot Flash Heat Wave continue to grow this year.

With features on 8 influential playlists including Modern Psychedelia, Hot Flash Heat Wave have picked up over 1.5 million playlist followers this week. Also, converting first time listeners into fans, HFHW have picked up over 350 new direct followers this week, growing their following by 2.02% to 19,527 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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