Track of the Day: Slow Pulp emerge as indie rock’s latest dreamers

Written by Charlotte Marston

Chicago based four-piece Slow Pulp release dreamy new single “Steel Birds”

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Having recently relocated from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Slow Pulp embrace the romanticism and rebellion of leaving a hometown behind for the pursuit of dreams in their latest single “Steel Birds”— a slow-paced, mythical track that wouldn’t be out of place in a teenage rom-com. Psychedelic, heavy-handed guitar rhythms blend seamlessly with Emily Massey’s dreamy vocals as the four-piece pioneer their self-proclaimed, dream-punk genre, and emerge as firm competition to their indie-rock counterparts.

Slow Pulp have picked up features on 11 influential Spotify playlists

Following on from their successful self-released project “Ep2” last year, Slow Pulp show metamorphosis in style while upholding their romantic lyricism and muffled guitar riffs. “Steel Birds” is a notably smoother, dreamier and more refined track than the band’s previous releases, yet stays true to the raw escapism found in “Bundt Cakes” and “Die Alone”.

“Steel Birds” shows that Slow Pulp are only just at the beginning of their dream-punk journey into psychedelia and romance. However, they've already picked up some significant support from influential Spotify playlists including Ultimate Indie and New Indie Mix. With over 4.2 million playlist followers earnt this week, the band's direct artist following is also on the rise, currently sat at 3,044 following a huge increase in the past month (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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