Track of the Day: The Few Things by JP Saxe

Written by frtyfve Team

JP Saxe is the master of packing emotion into songs.

The LA-based singer-songwriter prides himself on the purpose of his tracks, which fuse perfectly with his R&B tinged, soft-pop sound. His new single 'The Few Things' is no exception, with his warm voice and winding acoustics carrying a heartfelt narrative.

“You’re one of the few things that I’m sure of,” he croons, exploring the thrill of surrendering to longing. 'The Few Things' is a lyrical and audible earworm.

In the eleven days since its release, the track has gained over 6.15m track followers and over 1 million streams. With strong positions on 24 playlists including the hugely popular ‘Pop Rising’ and ‘Global Viral 50’, the release is a powerful follow up to his 2017 single ‘Anybody Else’ (TalentAI).

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