Track of the Day: Till You Sink by MOSSS

Written by Dylan Hallihan

Multi-talented Rob McCurdy ends long wait for new music with "Till You Sink"

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Keeping his fans waiting for over 16 months, MOSSS (aka Rob McCurdy) has finally returned to build on the previous promise shown on his debut single with the release of his second track “Till You Sink”. Predominantly based in Los Angeles, the multi-talented McCurdy also forms one half of production duo Noise Club, with whom he has found commercial success co-writing with the likes of Liam Payne and Hailee Steinfeld.

These recent songwriting experiences see MOSSS flourish on his return to solo duties. Behind a smooth and relaxed production created between himself and Noise Club partner Chris Petrosino, McCurdy wastes no time in showing off his burgeoning songwriting abilities as he confidently croons, “Why can’t it all just be black and white, not black and blue? Friends for a summer we shared a time...Man, when those feelings intensify what can you do?”, effectively encapsulating the hugely relatable blurred lines between friendship and something more, in a manner perfectly suited for the contemporary listener.

MOSSS has picked up over 1.7 million playlist followers this week

Building on the soft, hushed vocals and late-night themes of debut single “Here If You Want (Pale Blue)” we see an artist who seems perfectly poised to make inroads as a vocalist in the chilled, alternative-pop genre that has had so much commercial success of late. After so much impressive work behind the scenes, “Till You Sink” may well see Rob McCurdy permanently emerge from the shadows.

With features on 7 influential Spotify playlists including Chill Vibes and Underground Hits, MOSSS has picked up over 1.7m playlist followers this week, also enjoying a 1.86% increase in his direct artist following, which has now hit 4,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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