Track of the Day: Time by Rexx Life Raj

Written by frtyfve Team

If you didn’t know the name Rexx Life Raj before, you definitely won’t forget it once you’ve heard his latest single “Time”.

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California rapper Rexx Life Raj's sound sits somewhere between Khalid-esque vocals and Atlanta rap. “Time” flaunts his admirable ability to tell a story in a sincere and emotive way. “I can’t be gullible cuz I’ve seen too much”: there’s nothing cliché or passé about this artist’s lyrics, they’re intelligent, innovative, but highly relatable. The song comes across even more poignantly in his faultless COLORS SHOW performance.

Rexx Life Raj’s playlist following has grown by 3.5m this week

Rexx Life Raj’s playlist following grow by 80% over the course of the past 7 days, pushed by features on prominent playlists such as Cali Fire, Bedroom Jams and Signed XOXO. We expect Rexx to continue gaining heat from playlists and fans alike (Instrumental Scouting Platform).

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