Track of the Day: Weekend Friend by Goth Babe

Written by Dylan Hallihan

Goth Babe further establishes his surf-pop capabilities with new hit single “Weekend Friend”

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Apologies in advance to all those coming in the hope of a renaissance in the Gothic music scene which exploded onto the mainstream consciousness to capture the hearts and minds of so many in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. Instead we present Griff Washburn, the creative behind the mischievously misleading Goth Babe front.

An independent artist in the truest sense of the word, Washburn, originally out of Tennessee has seamlessly created a sound that perfectly reflects the free-spirited nature of the man himself. Embracing a day-to-day life on the coastal roads of California and Oregon in recent times, Griff Washburn writes and records his music in the back of his converted Ford campervan, taking inspiration from the ever-changing landscapes of this unshackled lifestyle. This is all sonically achieved off the back of a solar powered recording space, which for us is the cherry on top for this hippy-go-lucky artist.

Having released a steady stream of singles and mini EP’s over the past couple of years, “Weekend Friend” sees Goth Babe once again champion more expansive production techniques explored on recent releases “Sometimes” and “Sunnn”. An infectious concoction of keys, drums, shakes and strings greet us from the offset, setting the scene for what is another feel-good number from the burgeoning singer-songwriter.

Whilst lyrically not the most complex of records, the strength of the song undoubtedly lies in the seamless marriage of the relaxed vocal delivery alongside the soaring production. Both entities saunter along completely at ease, remaining perfectly in sync throughout. As a disciple of the Do-It-Yourself mantra you can really feel the one-track-mind control over the song shine through in its easy-listening serenity, a feat that has always been alluring to the listener.

Yet to release a full-length body of work and relying on self-released material, Goth Babe remains on the periphery of mainstream recognition, a fact that likely suits the artistic ideals of this particular project. However continuing to churn out catchy, buoyant singles like “Weekend Friend” is sure to present challenges to any such potential preferences in the not-so-distant future. With features on 13 influential playlists including Ultimate Indie, Goth Babe has picked up over 4.4m playlist followers this week (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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