Track of the Day: What Makes A Man by Stereo Honey

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Stereo Honey return with our Track of the Day.

In early 2017, London four-piece Stereo Honey introduced themselves with a stunning debut, ‘Where No One Knows Your Name’. With their second single and break-through track, ‘The Heart’, the band made their mark as new bastions of soulful indie pop.

With their latest single, ‘What Makes A Man’, the band build upon firm foundations. Carried by Pete Restrick’s signature falsetto, jangly riffs and an explosive hook, the release is a confident offering ahead of a busy year.

Discussing the track, lead vocalist Pete Restrick said:

What Makes A Man is loosely based around the Emma Payne poem ‘The Boxer’ in that it concerns a figure that starts to unravel. In the song the figure, like the boxer, is broken, clinging to some vestige of manhood even as it reveals itself to be fantasy. And yet, this figure clings to this fantasy with desperation, because it’s the only thing that is known to it. Masculinity is regressive, it teaches young boys not to show vulnerability, not to talk about their feelings, never to show weakness, not to be afraid”.

Released last Friday and gaining instant spots on a variety of New Music Friday playlists, ‘What Makes A Man’ has picked up 1,059,932 track followers in the past week (TalentAI). Stereo Honey headline London’s Electrowerkz on 16th May and launch their summer with sets at Live At Leeds, Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape.

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