Track of the Day: What You Gonna Say by Equal Idiots

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Belgian band Equal Idiots share explosive single “What You Gonna Say”

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Hoogstraten City duo Equal Idiots have been making “hard-boiled garage punk” noise since 2012. Returning with their new single, “What You Gonna Say”, the band explode into high-tempo, hard-hitting rock. Having already conquered the whole of Flanders and the majority of the Netherlands, it is time for them to gain ground beyond their home nation.

Equal Idiots are featured on 6 influential Spotify playlists this week

With features on 6 playlists including New Music and Indie Amplified, the band have gained global playlist attention, picking up over 88,000 new playlist followers this week, taking their total to over 145,000 (Instrumental Music Scouting Platform).

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