Track of the Day: Young & Free by Dermot Kennedy

Written by frtyfve Team

County Dublin native, Dermot Kennedy started writing songs in his teens. Over the past few years, he has spent time in the studio and in live environments honing his discography of passionate releases.

As he prepares to drop his Mike Dean (Jay Z, Kanye West, Travis Scott) produced mixtape, Kennedy has shared new single ‘Young & Free’. Whilst his early folk influences still play an influential role in his fresh sound, a heavy hip-hop inspired beat battles against Kennedy’s soulful and emotional vocal performance.

After an amazing past 18 months, generating over 70,000 new direct followers, the release of ‘Young & Free’ has bolstered his playlist attention. Featuring on 78 influential playlists, giving him a total playlist following of 21,526,339, the Irish singer-songwriter is about as big as it can get without being signed to a major. 'Young & Free' accounts for 8,170,930 (39%) of his total playlist following and having gained over 550,000 streams already, his reach is definitely going to grow rapidly over the year (TalentAI).

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