Viral Track: Cassidi - What's My Name

Written by frtyfve Team

In the past, the path of a hit song was relatively clear cut. A great song with a strong marketing campaign and proper press support almost guaranteed a degree of success for most artists. In the digital streaming age, that is no longer the case; not only do new tracks have to stand out from the 60,000 added to Spotify each day, but new social platforms mean there are more routes a track can take to virality than ever.

Cassidi's cover of Rihanna's 'What's My Name', initially released in May as part of frtyfve’s Womxn of TikTok campaign, has taken on a life of its own on the short form video platform, where creators are using it to show moments of love - in all its different forms. The track quickly found itself used in over 50,000 videos on TikTok, with that number almost doubling over the past four weeks as users continue to soundtrack their love stories with Cassidi’s stripped back cover.

That TikTok virality quickly translated to Spotify, where ‘What’s My Name’ went from averaging 6k - 9k daily streams to over 160k per day in a matter of weeks. It was at this point that it entered the Spotify Viral 50 in 12 different territories across Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand, crossing 3 million streams on Spotify alone in early June.

Viral Track: Cassidi - What's My Name

In early July, the track began receiving editorial support from Spotify, landing in Pop Sauce (879k followers), Songs to Scream in the Car (256k followers), and Big on the Internet (141k followers). ‘What’s My Name’ recently crossed 5 million streams on Spotify alone and is still averaging over 100k streams per day two months after its release.

frtyfve identified Cassidi as a high-potential artist and a prime candidate for the Womxn of TikTok campaign through her 100k follower strong audience on the app prior to the release of ‘What’s My Name’. With her track ‘Stupid Boys’ crossing 1 million streams earlier this year - her first to ever do so - Cassidi’s large TikTok following was beginning to cross over to Spotify.

Now with editorial playlist slots and millions of streams to her name, Cassidi is well on the way to establishing herself as an artist to watch for the future. Her latest track ‘better than u’ is now on its way to crossing 100k streams on Spotify and her social channels are all continuing to grow at an accelerated pace as a result of ‘What’s My Name’s surprise success.

Viral Track: Cassidi - What's My Name
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