​Yours Are The Only Ears illustrates her innate storytelling ability on debut album ‘Knock Hard’

Written by frtyfve Team

New York City-based singer-songwriter Susannah Cutler has shared her debut album under the gentle moniker.

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Backed by her band, Susannah Cutler’s Yours Are The Only Ears project is an outlet for her storytelling craft. Growing up surrounded by a family of musicians, she started focussing on the project in 2014, exploring sounds and stories, crafting each track around a poetic narrative.

Yours Are The Only Ears has picked up over 115, 000 playlist followers since the release

With the release of ‘Knock Hard’, Yours Are The Only Ears has picked up over 115,000 playlist followers, with features on four influential playlists including undercurrents, Sunday Chill and Stack (Instrumental).

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